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The secret behind Air Filter that we dont know about?

Air Filter:

The engine air filter is there to filter out any impurities in the air that is taken in by the engine for combustion. As a result, this helps the overall combustion process work properly, which ensures the engine is running right.

Something that has direct influence on the combustion process like this also has direct influence on the fuel efficiency of the vehicle. In order for the vehicle to meet the optimal fuel-efficiency, the vehicle needs to be combusting properly. Without the proper combustion, fuel mileage and power are both lost.
What is the engine being protected from, you ask? Any type of abrasive particle that might be in the air, such as dust and dirt. Therefore, if you drive in a heavily polluted/dusty area, you will need to change and clean your filter often. Simply pull the filter out, located in a big black box near the engine, and use an air hose to lightly blow out any debris. This is only a temporary fix, and it’s important to pay attention to when it’s time for the filter to actually be changed.
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There is no set time to change out the air filter. But ideally, you’ll want to change it out once a year. While it does depend heavily on how clean an environment is, changing the filter out yearly is good if there is low pollution or insignificant dust levels in your area. If you drive in an area where these levels are higher, it’s important to change the air filter more frequently.
The engine air filter is a direct influence on your car’s overall performance — don’t neglect. Signs of a “bad” or dirty engine air filter include decreased fuel economy and engine misfires. Additionally, a dirty or clogged air filter may damage other parts of your engine, such as the spark plugs. If those signs of a bad air filter aren’t enough to make you want to change yours, consider this — according to a study published by the U.S. Department of Energy, vehicles running on clean engine air filters may experience a 6-11% improvement in acceleration times.

Disadvantages of a Fake Air Filter;

Using a fake air filter can cause damage to your vehicle in various ways.
• Less air filtration
• Reduced service (low car performance

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