About Us
Kamsiparts Automotive Limited (Kamsiparts.com) (RC1782443); a subsidiary of TCHIKAMALOR Global Nig. Ltd launched in 2018 as a Strategic Business Unit but incorporated in April 2021, is the foremost online and offline original automotive parts store with a full product inventory in Nigeria. Kamsiparts is an interactive platform, using features and communication tools such as catalogue & content management , easy check out, social media tools, UI/UX process (for mobile APP deployment) with a robust payment gateway from Paystack, PaywithSpecta by Sterling Bank(installment payment) and wire transfer while offering product warranties.
Amaeze C. NDUKWE, CEO Kamsiparts

Our Mission, Vision and Values

MISSION: To create a safe, convenient and effective solution to vehicular owners.

VISION: To become the foremost distribution platform for automotive parts

VALUES: Trust in our professionalism, offerings and results. 

Every client is unique, every need is different. We recognize the difference and trust makes it easy for our clients to stay with us.

What Do Clients Say About Us?
During our work we have accumulated
hundreds of positive reviews.
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A large and well-coordinated team of true professionals.
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