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The camshaft is a mechanical component of an internal combustion engine. It opens and closes the inlet and exhaust valves of the engine at the right time, with the exact stroke, and in a precisely defined sequence.

Parts of A Camshaft

Like other car parts, the camshaft comprises various parts, some of which include:

Cam: This is the most essential part of a camshaft. It is responsible for the closing and opening of the valves.
Cam follower: the part of the camshaft that has been driven.
Driveshaft: This feature enables movement of the whole camshaft’s structure, and we see it linked with a belt to another engine’s part called the crankshaft or works autonomously.
Shaft: This is the supporting component of the camshaft, and it binds the other parts together. It can endure stressful workloads while the combustion engine is running.
Bearings: This part makes sure that the shaft is in its upright position. It is also an important component because it helps reduce friction when the camshaft is in operation. Additionally, it has a special tool for replacing the oil in the camshaft.
Lobes: This structure provides the camshaft with the opportunity to exchange fuel-filled gases. Also, the lobes’ speed is relative to the engine’s speed.
Chain sprocket: has a connection to the camshaft at one end. In addition, the chain sprocket along with the timing belt help keep the timing between the camshaft and crankshaft in sync.

Types Of Camshafts In Car Engines

There are different types of camshafts each categorized based on the following:
1. Based on lifters used by the camshafts
2. Based on the camshaft’s shape
Based on lifters used by the camshafts
Flat-tappet Camshafts: This camshaft is a very old technology that has been in the automobile industry for years. They are, however, very affordable, produce a high amount of power, and do not wear out over time, which means there is no need for special maintenance. In addition, this type of camshaft must work with hydraulic lifters or followers. It also makes use of an oil-coated plunger to protect the valves.
In terms of appearance, the flat tappet camshafts look flat at first glance, but with further inspection, their complex geometry becomes noticeable. Moreover, the face of the hydraulic lifters on the flat tappet has a big circular cross-section. On the other hand, the taper makes sure the lobe is well confined. This makes the tappet run well during rotation.
Roller Camshafts: As the name implies, this type of camshaft uses a roller wheel (cam follower) and a tappet for its operations. It literally only rolls across the lobe of the camshaft. Roller camshafts are more expensive than flat tappets, but they also produce more power and last longer.
Roller camshafts can reduce friction and produce a more curved ramp in the camshaft, which increases the time frame. In contrast to flat-tappet camshafts that require break-in processes, roller camshafts do not need break-in.
Based on the camshaft’s shape
Cylindrical Camshafts: From its name, it is cylindrical in shape, and it is also known as a barrel or drum cam. Its surface has a groove cut into it, which the cam follower makes use of for motion.
Radical Camshafts: This can also be known as a “disc clam.” It has an axis that is directly normal to the follower’s movement path. Also, radical Camshafts possess a shapeless contour plate that transforms the motion of the cam into that of the cam follower.
Conjugate Camshafts: A conjugate camshaft comprises two rollers that connect the cam follower or driver together. These rollers restrict the motion of other parts, which results in the elimination of noise for quiet machine processes. They are most suitable in areas that require the silent operation of the camshaft.
Spherical Camshafts: They are spherical in shape. A groove is located on the curved design. In this type of camshaft, the speed of the cam follower is perpendicular to the rotational part of the spherical cam.
Wedge camshafts: Their endpoints are very sharp, along with a wide basement. However, in wedge cams, the driver moves in a sliding manner in relation to the camshaft.
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