Catalytic Converter
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Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter

Catalytic Converter are exhaust emission control device that convert toxic gases & pollutants in exhaust into less-toxic gasses by catalyzing them into less toxic, & less smelly, gasses. They are situated immediately after the exhaust manifold.

Why they are valuable

  • No hassle to steal
  • They contain precious metals (platinum,rhodium,palladium)
  • There’s a thriving ready market for illicit converters
  • They don’t ground a car after removal

How Catalytic Converter Work A car’s catalytic converter functions in a straight forward way. When the engine produces hot exhaust gases, it passes the catalytic converter. The hot gases help the ceramic housing maintain high temperature for proper reaction whereas the honeycomb structure offers greater surface area for the passing gases to react quickly with the catalyst. It’s important to understand the work of catalysts, as the word catalytic converter is derived from the function of the catalysts. Catalysts are used to speed up the reaction by lowering the amount of activation energy required to start the reaction. During the process, catalysts are sometimes consumed and regenerated through proceeding reactions. Hence, only a small amount of catalyst is required. Platinum and rhodium are used in combination to act as reduction catalyst while platinum and palladium act as oxidation catalyst. The following equations show how toxic gases are converted to less harmful gases by the catalytic converter

  • Reduction of harmful nitrogen oxides into nitrogen and oxygen: NO = N2 + O2
  • Oxidation of poisonous carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide: CO + O2 = CO2

Catalytic Converter


If your catalytic converter fails or gets choked, your car will emit more hazardous gases.

The following signs may be an indication of catalytic converter failure:

  • Engine check light
  • Lose of acceleration
  • Engine misfire
  • Emission test failure
  • Blackened smoke

Since some of the symptoms can also direct toward a problem with the engine, get your car inspected by a professional to diagnose the root cause.

Catalytic Converter

Effects of removal on the car

  • Change is sound, The car will sound like it has a ripped or performance exhaust
  • Terrible fuel efficiency noticeable immediately
  • Nasty, pungent smells in the cabin
  • Oxygen sensor will light up
  • Sometimes Check engine light

Measures to prevent theft

  • A sensitive car alarm
  • Parking the car in well lit and secure areas
  • Welding a cage or rod connected to the chassis
  • Replacing the bolts attaching with lockable or complex head bolts
  • Skid plate
  • low ground clearance

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