Why does your site say your item is “In Stock” when I order only to find out later that it isn’t? What happens to my order invoice if the item I purchased is not available?”

At Kamsi parts, we go to great lengths to make sure that every product we offer on our site is in stock. However, while these cases are rare, there may be times when we are unable to fill an order due to unanticipated demand for a certain product.

When these instances happen, we issue a refund right away and notify you through email. The refund process starts as soon as the problem is determined and will take not more than 5-7 days for the amount to get credited back to your account.

Why can’t I add / remove items from my shopping cart?

Sometimes, when you can’t add or remove items from your cart, it could be that there are some problems with the page or with your Internet connection. In case that happens, clear your cart or refresh the page. Once the page has refreshed, you can add or remove your purchases again. If you still encounter trouble adding or removing items from your shopping cart, you may need to clear your browser’s cache or modify the “Cookies” function of your browser.

You can also call our customer service number at +2349098370120, or use our Live Help program on our Home page for assistance. Our customer service representatives are available round-the-clock to resolve any issues you may encounter online.

Why can’t I log in to my account? I forgot my username and/or password. How do I retrieve it?

Login user names and passwords are case-sensitive. Please make sure to log in the exact combination of upper and lower case characters that you registered with. In order to retrieve a lost username and/or password, please provide us with any information you have (i.e. order number, full name, etc.) which we can use to pull up your log in details. You can log on to our Live Help and discuss your account with one of our representatives, or go to Your Account and click the “Forgot your password” link. After which, provide the email address you are using with Kamsi Parts  and your log in details will promptly be emailed to you. You can also call us at +2349098370120 for your issues online. Our customer service representatives are always ready to assist you.

What are cookies? How do I enable and/or delete cookies on my browser?

Cookies are small bits of text generated by a server and sent to the browser to identify a person for a particular session. Cookies are vital for staying logged-on and for remembering information such as user preferences and the items currently in your shopping cart.

The method for setting cookie preferences and deleting cookies differs per browser.

For Mozilla Firefox users, go to Tools and then go to Options. Click the Privacy tab and then you’ll see the cookie preferences. Simply check or uncheck the checkbox if you want to accept or reject cookies from websites. You can also clear or delete your cookies from there.

For Internet Explorer users, go to Tools > Internet Options and select the General tab. You can view, delete, and change the settings for cookies and other temporary internet files in the Browsing History section.

For Safari users, go to Safari > Preferences and then click Security. You can choose the settings for how Safari handles cookies in the Accept Cookies section. You can see more information about the cookies stored on your computer by clicking Show Cookies.

How do I know my transaction is secure?

To protect you from cybercrimes like identity theft and credit card fraud, our site is regularly checked and tested to pass the HACKER SAFE Security Scan. A “live” HACKER SAFE mark only appears when a web site has passed HACKER SAFE standards. Kamsi parts uses the strongest level of security available in the Internet, called the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology. It encrypts information sent through the Internet and ensures that this information maintains its integrity all throughout the transmission. That means only Kamsi parts can read your personal information. “What is a save quote number?

Do I have to give you my name and contact details in order to save the items in my shopping cart?”

The Save Quote button allows you to save the price quoted on your orders for future reference. Once you’ve saved your quote, you are given a Save Quote number.

By keying in your Save Quote number (for example: 1088443) at the Retrieve Quote interface, you can retrieve your previous shopping session with the site.

Before getting a Save Quote number, customers are asked to register their full name, email address, and phone number with the site. “How do I subscribe / unsubscribe to email updates?

To Subscribe
Submit your e-mail address through the “Get Exclusive Email Deals” boxes you can find around our website..

To Unsubscribe
At the bottom page of our e-mails, we have an “unsubscribe” link. Simply click it and answer the questions that follow, then you will be unsubscribed from the next e-mail send-outs. “How do you compute for the sales (VAT) tax on my order/invoice?” Sales tax on your orders is composed of FIRS rates. The sales tax percentage is 7.5%.

For example: If you ordered a N1, 000.00 item, the sales tax (VAT) amounts to N75.00. This means that the buyer will pay a total of N1, 075.00 for the aforementioned item.

Do you accept bank deposit, or wire transfer as payment options?

Yes, we accept bank deposit, and wire transfer (or electronic debit) as payment options. Transactions through PayPal, and Google Checkout are still being processed as a means of payment online. We also accept payments from major credit card companies Visa, Verve and MasterCard.

During the checkout process, I noticed “phone number” was a required field. Why do you need my phone number?”

We collect your phone number as well as your other contact details so we can immediately inform you if there’s a problem with your account or purchase. We may also contact you in case we need to verify or clarify information you provided us. Rest assured that we will keep your personal information private. Kamsiparts.com may engage with other companies for certain transactions, but we will not share your contact details and other personally identifiable information unless necessary and with your permission.

How do I check the status of my order? What is an order number? How do I track my order using this number?”

An order number is the number indicated in the confirmation issued by our order processing system once it has received your order. After you order from us, you will be given a username and password, which you can use to check your purchase online through your order number. To track your order number, simply click on Kamsi parts’s Your Account feature. In case you lost your order number and would want to retrieve it, please provide us with the date your order was made and the full name you used upon ordering

I changed my mind about my purchase and want to cancel my order. How soon can I cancel my order without being billed?

Since all validated orders are immediately processed electronically, the possibility of cancelling an order is limited. Cancellation of an order should be made before receipt of the Invoice-Payment voucher, which is sent via e-mail. Only orders that have not yet been confirmed for payment can be cancelled. All orders placed from Friday after 5PM-Monday 9AM cannot be cancelled as they are processed over the weekend for shipment.

How long is each item’s warranty period? Is my purchase covered by both a seller’s warranty and manufacturer’s warranty?

Kamsi parts offers a limited warranty of 5 days, starting from the date the purchase was received by the customer. On top of our 5-day warranty, items may also be covered by a limited warranty period by the manufacturer (conditions and policies subject to change). The parts will remain under warranty provided that they are free from defects in workmanship and material.

What is the difference between your site’s warranty and the manufacturer’s warranty? What parts qualify for an extended warranty plan(s)? Why do I have to pay extra for this?

Kamsi parts’s warranty covers the replacement of defective parts, which we will subsequently replace as long as an appropriate substitute can be found. If we do not have your part in stock, we will issue a full refund. The manufacturer’s warranty, on the other hand, differs on a case-to-case basis depending on the part and the manufacturer, as manufacturers have different limitations and coverage for their respective warranties.

Kamsi parts is also offers extended warranty plans that give you added security at a nominal price. Unfortunately, not all parts can be purchased with extended warranties. You can see which parts have such plans and how long the available extensions are when you view the product page and click the “extended warranty” tab beside the “compatibility info” tab right under the product description.

The extra charge for these extended warranties is like purchasing longer insurance for your purchase—you can rest assured knowing that, should there be any defects or if the part fails beyond the standard warranty, you can have the product replaced because you have a longer warranty period that covers it.

What is a Return Authorization Number? What can I use this number with? If I return a part, how soon can I expect my refund?

Return Authorization Number or RA Number, is a reference number that you can obtain by completing the required form for any parts you would like to return. Within two to three business days, RA numbers will be e-mailed along with instructions on how to return your item. You can expect your refund within 30 days after we receive your return request. The time varies depending on how long the supplier takes to approve the return. Upon approval, we will then credit the refund to the account, debit or credit card you used for the purchase and you will receive a “credit approved” e-mail. Please note that the bank might take a few days to process the credit, and thus the amount might be posted on your account right away.

Are there any limitations to items that can be returned and refunded?

There are items that cannot be returned for any reason. These include some auto body parts, and special order products. Electrical parts cannot be returned as well if it has been unsealed or if it has been plugged in.

Who can qualify for a coupon code? Where can I get one? Can I use more than one coupon on my order?

All customers are qualified to use a coupon. They can be obtained through affiliate sites and by email updates from the company. The coupons are tagged with different numbers, meaning they represent different discount offers. Some coupons are valid only for a fixed period and may not be used with another coupon or be combined with another promo on the same order. Only one coupon code is allowed per order. Some coupons exclude certain brands or products. Customers are encouraged to read the full details of the coupon offer to make sure it applies to the part they are ordering. Coupons can be reused during the promotion period.

Do all of the parts you sell come with installation manuals?

Not all parts come with installation manuals. When a part includes an installation manual, it’s usually indicated in the product description. You can also verify by checking with the manufacturer’s website, where you can usually download the installation instructions.

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