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How to maintain and keep your vehicle in top shape

Regular maintenance of your vehicle is important to keeping it in good condition. It also ensures safety of the occupants and other road users. Here are some ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly.


• Inspect and maintain tires: Good tire pressure reduces wear on tires and ensures good gas/fuel usage. Checking tire pressure includes knowing the recommended pressure, the PSI and inflating or deflating your tires accordingly. Flat tire, over inflated or under inflated tires are hazards that can lead to accident and or death on the road. To keep tires healthy, it’s adviced to rotate the tires after every 5000 to 10000 travel miles apart from ensuring it does not exceed 5years from date of manufacture.

• Routine change of oil: Regular checking and changing vehicle oil is essential to keeping its engine in running condition. Check your oil each month and change it as directed in the car’s owner’s manual. It is important to use the exact oil specification as recommended by the manufacture. This generally means considering the oil viscosity, whether to use synthetic versus non-synthetic oil and your car’s mileage.

• Change all Filters: It is recommended to change the oil, air and AC filter regularly at the required interval to avoid dirt and other particulates clogging the engine and air compartments thereby reducing its efficiency.

• Check your brakes: Vehicle brake pads inspection is very important to avoid accidents of failed brakes. While driving, listen for any brake noise and pay attention to vibration from the brake pedal. If any concerns arise, consult a service center as soon as possible

• Check and Change the fluids: Different fluids play different roles and making sure it is kept at the appropriate levels, keeps your car running properly. The listed fluids are engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, power steering fluid, and transmission /gear fluid.

• Check the Lights: Vehicle lights are very important most especially at night or during foggy weather. Consider taking a few extra steps to help keep them shining bright, such as cleaning the lenses and replacing bulbs as they start to dim.

• Drive belts and hoses check: Drive belts and hoses damage can be disastrous when in motion. It is important to keep them in good shape as one can get stranded if there is a breakdown on the road due to that. Having your belts and hoses checked at every oil change will help ensure that they’re in good condition and don’t need replacing.

• Replace windshield wipers: Damaged or worn out blades can reduce visibility during a heavy downpour. Knowing how to inspect your wiper blades regularly and replace them when necessary is one way to help keep your car safe.

• Regular checkups and vehicle washing: It is important to wash the vehicles regularly to maintain its look and hygiene for its occupants apart from regularly checking it at intervals for regular service maintenance to preempt any damage before it occurs.

Keeping your vehicle in good shape can help keep you and your passengers safe. And remember, if you’re ever unsure about how to inspect or replace a vehicle part, be sure to contact a local mechanic for help.

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