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Kamsiparts Automotive Limited appointed Tecmate International distributor, launches Optimate Battery Chargers

Nigerian Automotive value chain B2B2C tech startup Kamsiparts Automotive Limited; owner of, an online and offline distribution platform of original automotive parts. A subsidiary of TCHIKAMALOR Global Nig. Ltd. has been appointed the latest Optimate Battery Charger distributor in Africa.

Mr. Chrisantus Amaeze Ndukwe, CEO at Kamsiparts Automotive Limited said in line with our core values part of which is leveraging on knowledge of client need to create world-class solutions, we are introducing the 1st of its kind range of Optimate Chargers and accessories in Nigeria to alleviate the suffering of vehicular owners and battery longevity challenges. The Optimate intelligent battery charger is the only battery charger (ranging from Optimate 3) with a soft pulsing device that prevents sulphation build-up and recovers even a dead battery other chargers can not from as low as 1/2Volt. It checks charge level hourly and delivers the exact charge to keep the battery at 100%, whilst supporting “always-on” vehicle circuitry. Also in line with green technology, it has solar panel battery chargers for areas with less or no electricity.

While congratulating Mr. Ndukwe Chrisantus Amaeze, founder and group CEO of TCHIKAMALOR Global Nig. Ltd. Mr. Kevin Lewis MD of Tecmate South Africa and Director Tecmate International stated that they are excited to work with a vibrant and growing company that has a world-class online presence known as Kamsiparts Automotive Limited in Nigeria

He further stated that kamsiparts online and offline distribution platform will function as a national footprint and enable them to distribute Optimate chargers far and wide throughout their region.

The OptiMate battery-saving charging method was developed in 1995 to save AGM, GEL, and STD lead-acid batteries that have stopped working simply due to neglect. The new OptiMate now charges, tests, and maintains lithium (LiFePo4) and deep cycle batteries. The product range includes unique electronic precision tools for the power sports industry; various cable and powered accessories. OptiMate Accessories range includes battery testers, USB products, cables, and connectors, all of premium quality and reliability.

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