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Kamsiparts Automotive Limited introduces the Autel range of TPMS and Diagnostic tools

Kamsiparts Automotive Limited introduces the Autel range of TPMS and Diagnostic tools:

Nigerian Automotive value chain B2B2C tech startup Kamsiparts Automotive Limited, owner of, an online and offline distribution platform of original automotive parts, introduces TPMS and diagnostics tools from Autel Intelligent Technology Corporation Ltd into the Nigerian market.

Autel specializes in the R&D (Research and Development), production, sales, and service of automotive-intelligent diagnostics, detection and analysis systems, and automotive electronic components. Autel, is a leading provider of automotive-intelligent diagnostics, inspection, and TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) products and services for more than ten years. It has built three product lines: Automotive diagnostic products, TPMS series for automotive tire pressure monitoring systems, and ADAS series for automotive intelligent assisted driving systems.

The TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System) designed to measure air pressure and alert the driver when the pressure of tires is below or more than 25% of the manufacturer’s specification.

The TPMS series include:

The MaxiTPMS TBE200: A laser-enabled tire tread depth & brake disc wear examiner that provides users with quick and accurate wear measurements up to 0.1mm. It is designed to pair with the ITS600 or work independently to provide seamless data integration between TPMS, Tire wear, and brake disc information.

The MaxiTPMS ITS600: A wireless, touchscreen Android-based tablet that offers complete TPMS diagnostics and service functions. The ITS600 features an enhanced TPMS status screen, VIN scan for rapid vehicle identification, four MX-Sensor programming options, and onscreen relearn instructions for all vehicles. The ITS600 can activate, read and relearn all known sensors and perform TPMS system diagnostics and four common maintenance services. Additionally, it provides DOT number scan and tire recall lookup.

Programmable Universal MX-SENSOR: Universal Metal Stem Autel MX-Sensors offer the latest model vehicle coverage because these TPMS sensors quickly update during installation with an Autel wireless programming tool. Autel MX-Sensors are affordable and easy-to-use programmable, universal TPMS sensors, with only two SKU options (315MHz & 433MHz Metal Stem MX-Sensors) that cover 98% of all OE sensors on the market and are ID clone-able with no sensor relearn required.

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