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Oil Pressure Sensor Problems

Oil pressure sensor problems

One of the common problems is when the oil pressure sensor (switch) starts leaking oil. The oil could leak from the sensor itself or from the tread. If the oil leaks from the tread, resealing it may be recommended, but if the sensor itself is leaking, it will have to be replaced.

Another common problem with the oil pressure sensor is when it clogs up or fails inside and cannot read the oil pressure correctly. That can cause the low oil pressure warning light to come on even when there is enough pressure.

How the oil pressure sensor is tested

The testing is dependent on the type of the sensor. The first step is to verify the engine oil level and condition, because low oil level could cause an oil pressure warning light.

A typical testing procedure require a technician to check the wiring to the sensor and test the actual oil pressure of the engine lubrications system. To measure the oil pressure, an oil pressure gauge is connected in place of the oil pressure sensor with a special adaptor. If the oil pressure is very low when the engine is running, it’s an internal engine problem. If the pressure is within specification, and the sensor wiring checks out OK, the sensor is bad and must be replaced.

Because the oil pressure test takes considerable amount of time and the oil pressure sensor is not very expensive, it is advisable replacing the sensor first and see if it fixes the problem.

If the sensor and its wiring are good and the oil is at the proper level, but the oil light still comes on with the engine running, it might be internal engine problem or an issue with the lubrication system, such as a bad oil filter or clogged up oil pickup screen. In this case, further diagnostics will be required.

Oil pressure sensor replacement

Do you suspect you have a broken or faulty oil pressure sensor? Are you constantly pulling over the road to double-check your oil levels due to inaccurate readings? If so, call or visit for replacement assistance.

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