Bosch Lambda (Oxygen) Sensor 0258005717

Aston-Martin, Ford, Ford-USA, Lincoln, Jaguar, Mazda Oxygen Sensor

Replace the old and worn out Oxygen Sensor with Genuine Bosch Products. This is an original part that is created from top quality materials to ensure the safety and maximum performance of your vehicle.

Features and Benefits:

  • A defective or sluggish oxygen sensor can cause a variety of issues, like decreased engine performance. Replacing a bad O2 sensor helps ensure your engine’s constant monitor and efficient operation while maximizing performance.
  • Manufacturer: 
  • Part Number: 0258005717
  • Alternate Part Number: 0258005729, 15717, LS5717, LSH-25C, 1094175, 1123897, 1677293, 1R3Z9G444AA, 1S7F9F472AB, 3000923, 3017524, 3517468, 3559458, 3721930, 3902700, 3S4Z9F472BA, 4661392, 4664608, 5C5Z9F472A, 5C5Z9F472AA, 5C5Z9F472BA, 5F9Z9G444AA, 5F9Z9G444BA, 5L8Z9F472BA, 5L8Z9G444L, 5W6A9G444BA, 5W6Z9G444BA, 6L55 9G444 AB  6L7Z9F472BA, 98AB9G444BB, AS559F472AA, BG9F472A, D3B59G444AA, D3BZ9F472A, F0SF9F472BA, F0TZ9F472D, F0UF9F47, F0WZ9F472B, F1SZ9F472B, F1UF9F472BA, F1UZ9F472B, F2AF9F472BA, F39F9F472BA, F39F9F472BB, F39Z9F472, F39Z9F472AFFV, F3DZ9F472BFFV, F3DZ9F472CFFV, F3UF9F472BA, F3UZ9F472A, F3UZ9F472B, F48F9F472BB, F48F9F472BC, F48F9F472BD, F48Z9F472B, F4AF9F472BA, F4AZ9F472B, F4DZ9F472B, F4UF9F472BA, F4UZ9F472A, F4UZ9F472B, F4ZF9G444BB, F4ZZ9F472B, F4ZZ9F472C, F4ZZ9G444B, F59Z9G444AA, F5AZ9G444B, F5MZ9F472B, F5WZ9F472BA, F65F9G444BA, F65Z9G444BA, F68F9F472BA, F68Z9F472BA, F6CZ9G444BA, F6DZ9G444B, F6DZ9G444EA, F75F9G444BA, F75Z9G444BA, F77F9F472BA, F77Z9F472BA, F78F9F472BAF78Z9F472BA, F7RZ9G444BA, F7RZ9G444BB, F85F9G444, F85F9G444BA, F85Z9G444, F85Z9G444BA, F85Z9G444F, F88F9F472BA, F88Z9F472BA, F8RF9G444BB, F8RZ9G444BB, F8VZ9F472BA, FO7F9F472BA, FO9F9F472BA, FOSF9F472BA, FOTZ9F472A, FOTZ9F472D, FOUF9472BA, XC2Z9472BB, XR3F9G444B2A, XR3F9G444BA, XR3Z9G444CA, XR3Z9G444FA, XJ822998, XR81557, XR82007, XR822998, 1F2118860, 1F8118860, CA0918861, CY0318861B, CY0318861B9U, L3H518861, L3H618861A, ZZC318861, ZZC418861, ZZD018861, ZZD118861, ZZMF18861, ZZMG18861, ZZMJ18861, ZZMK18861, ZZMN18861, ZZP118861, 5C5Z9F472AA, 5C5Z9F472BA, 5F9Z9G444BA, 5W6Z9G444BA, 6L7Z9F472BA, F1SZ9F472B, F4AZ9F472B, F4ZZ9F472B, F5AZ9G444B, F5MZ9F472B, F6CZ9G444BA, F6DZ9G444B, F6DZ9G444EA, F85Z9G444BA, F88Z9F472BA, F8RZ9G444BB, F8VZ9F472BA, GU2Z9G444A, XC2Z9F472BA, XC2Z9F472BB, XR3Z9G444BA, XR3Z9G444BB, XS2Z9G444AA
  • Part Description: Oxygen Sensor
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Quantity Sold: Sold Individually
  • Vehicle Fit: Aston-Martin DB37 (1999-2004); Ford Cougar (1999-2002), Ecosport (2008-2014), Fiesta (1996-2020), Focus (2002-2020), Fusion (2003-2009), GT (2003-2007), Maverick (2004-2020), Mondeo (1997-2007), Ranger (2005-2006); Jaguar S-type (1999-2009); Lincoln LS (1998-2020), Mark (1993-1999), Town Car (2004-2009); Mazda B series (2001-2003), CX-9 (2007-2020), Tribute Estate (2004-2008) Ford USA Aerostar (1986-1998), Crown Victoria (2003-2008), E series (2002-2008), Escape (2002-2004), Expedition (1997-2003), Explorer (1991-2011) F-150 (1992-2020), F-250 (1989-2004), Fusion (2009-2013), Mustang (1996-2020), Taurus (1995-2000)

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  • USD: 48.23$

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With a genuine Bosch Lambda (oxygen) sensor, you rely on its high quality and effectiveness, without guessing if it will work with your vehicle. Protecting your investment and choosing the right parts can be challenging. So do not waste another minute searching for a replacement that might work. Stick with what you know and get the same product the dealership uses. Bosch Lambda Oxygen Sensor 0258005703

Bosch Lambda or oxygen Sensor evaluates oxygen levels in the exhaust gas exiting the engine. It is from materials that ensure improved performance and long-lasting durability. The sensor is located in the exhaust system and allows the fuel injection and engine timing to work efficiently and corrosion-resistant. A defective or sluggish sensor can cause a variety of issues, like decreased engine performance. Replacing a bad O2 sensor ensures your engines’ constant monitor and efficient operation while maximizing performance.


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