Automatic Transmission Fluid (Power Steering)

Replace the old and worn out Gear Oil with Genuine SCT Mannol Products. This is an OE replacement product that is created from top quality materials to ensure safety and maximum performance of your vehicle.

Features and Benefits:

It is used in vehicles with self shifting or automatic transmissions. It is typically coloured red or green to distinguish it from motor oil and other fluids in the vehicle

Whilst it extends oil change periods and exceeds most requirements of automotive manufacturers, It is recommended that gear oil viscosity be checked with every oil change as a preventative measure.

  • Manufacturer/Brand: Image result for sct mannol logo
  • Part Number: Dexron II
  • Part Description:  Automatic Transmission Fluid (Power Steering), 1L
  • Part Location: Engine
  • Fitment Type: Specially developed for power steering and hydraulic clutches.
  • Quantity Sold: Sold Individually
  • Vehicle Fit: ALLISON C4, CATERPILLAR TO-2, GM Dexron II D, MAN 339 V1/Z1, MERCEDES BENZ 236.5/236.7, RENK, VOITH G607, ZF TE-ML 03D/04D/11A/14A/17C



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Automatic transmission fluid (ATF) is made from high quality base oils with viscosity index improvers, antioxidants, anti-wear agents, defoamants and special additives to provide the controlled frictional characteristics of a Dexron II fluid in automatic transmission applications.

Mannol Dexron II Automatic is a multipurpose multigrade oil for automatic transmissions, hydraulic steerage systems and hydraulic clutch. Has high performance specifications. Provides long durability of transmission components. Enhanced foam control maintains responsive shifts and reduces wear on bearings, bushings and gears. Special rust and corrosion inhibitors protect critical parts against rust and corrosion throughout the service life.


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