Toyota Brake Booster With Master Cylinder 47050-60033

Toyota Brake Master Cylinder

Replace the old and worn out Brake Booster and Master Cylinder with Genuine Toyota Products. This is an original replacement part that is created from top quality materials at a very affordable price to ensure safety and maximum performance of your vehicle.

Features and Benefits:

  • As you pump the pedal, it forces the fluid into the callipers/wheel cylinders (or clutch bearing for a clutch master cylinder). This works really well because the fluid does not compress. Air, however, compresses quite easily, so any air in the braking system will reduce the hydraulic pressure by large amounts
  • If the brakes are operating properly, the pressure will be the same in both circuits.
  • Meets all federal motor safety standards
  • Manufacturer/Brand:
  • Part Number: 47050-60053
  • Part Description: Brake Master Cylinder with Booster and Accumulator
  • Part Location: Engine
  • Fit Type: Direct Replacement
  • Quantity Sold: Sold individually
  • Vehicle Fit: Toyota Land Cruiser (1998-2008); Lexus LX470 (1997-2008)

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With genuine Toyota brake booster with the master cylinder, you rely on the high quality and effectiveness, without guessing if it will work with your vehicle. So don’t waste another minute searching for a replacement that might work. Toyota Brake Master Cylinder 47201-60A22

The master brake cylinder converts the non-hydraulic pressure on the brake pedal to hydraulic pressure. This is by feeding brake fluid into the brake circuit and controls it according to the mechanical force. The slave cylinder is located at the other end of the hydraulic system. Master brake cylinders are used both in disc brakes and drum brakes.


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