Toyota Piston 13101-0A040

Lexus, Toyota Piston.

Replace the old and worn out Piston with Genuine Toyota Products. This is an Original part that is created from top quality materials at very affordable price to ensure safety and maximum performance of your vehicle.

Features and Benefits:

  • Sealing the combustion chamber so that there is minimal loss of gases to the crank case.
  • Improving heat transfer from the piston to the cylinder wall.
  • Regulating engine oil consumption by scraping oil from the cylinder walls back to the sump.
  • Manufacturer/Brand:
  • Part Number: 13101-0A040
  • Alternate Part Number: 13101-20050
  • Part Description:  Piston
  • Part Type: Original
  • Part Location: Engine
  • Fitment Type: Direct Replacement
  • Quantity Sold: Sold Individually
  • Vehicle Fit: Lexus ES330. Base (2004-2006), RX330. Base (2004-2006), RX400h. Base (2006-2008); Toyota Camry SE (2004-2006), Highlander. Base, Hybrid, Hybrid Limited, Limited, Sport (2004-2010), Sienna. CE, LE, XLE, XLE Limited (2004-2006), Solara SE, SE Sport, SLE (2004-2008)

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A piston is a cylindrical engine component that slides back and forth in the cylinder bore by forces produced during the combustion process. The piston acts as a movable end of the combustion chamber. The stationary end of the combustion chamber is the cylinder head. Pistons are commonly made of a cast aluminum alloy for excellent and lightweight thermal conductivity. Thermal conductivity is the ability of a material to conduct and transfer heat. Aluminum expands when heated, and proper clearance must be provided to maintain free piston movement in the cylinder bore. Insufficient clearance can cause the piston to seize in the cylinder. Excessive clearance can cause a loss of compression and an increase in piston noise.

Piston rings seal the combustion chamber, transferring heat to the cylinder wall and controlling oil consumption. A piston ring seals the combustion chamber through inherent and applied pressure.


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