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Selection Tips for Spark Plug:

Selection Tips:
To be able to use a spark plug more optimally, not only should you pay attention to the type of spark plug used, but we also urge you to take into account the following tips when choosing a spark plug.

  1. The Size of the Spark Plug:
    Ensure that the size, diameter, thread length, and length of the insulator are following the machine specifications and intended use. Do not use spark plugs of different sizes as they will cause serious engine problems ranging from Overheating car to piston damage.
    At we give you Original and exact plug that matches your car with the help of your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) and Part Number for the worm-out parts replacement.
  2. Spark Plug Heat Number:
    Adjust the spark plug heat number with the car specifications. A spark plug that is too cold will result in carbon deposits (carbon fouling) on the spark plug. Conversely, a spark plug that is too hot will cause overheating.
    Price Range:
    The price of the spark plug depends on the type of spark plug used for your car’s needs. At we give you the best prices on Original Auto Spare Parts You Can Trust,Directly from the Factory. And when it comes to engine performance, knows a thing or two advices to give by their Auto Repair Experts in order to keep your car engine running smoothly and efficiently.
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