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Signs of Troubled Car Spark Plugs:

Signs of Troubled Car Spark Plugs:

Now that you’re informed of the function, types and the way spark plugs work, you must understand why a troubled car spark plug causes the car engine to stop working properly. The sparks produced by the spark plug will not be perfect and will interfere with combustion. In more severe cases, the spark plugs will not be able to create sparks and the engine will break down.
Circumstances like this will certainly cause an uncomfortable driving experience. In general, the life of a spark plug is around 45,000 km or it can be shorter depending on the type of spark plug used.

To avoid getting caught in an uncomfortable situation, it’s a good idea to pay attention to some signs that the spark plug is starting to have a problem.

When The Car Is Idle:
– Engine speed feels unusual and less smooth.
– There is an unusual vibration in the cabin.
– The gas feels heavier than usual.

When The Car Is Running:
– Car acceleration is somewhat hampered
– The car feels choked up and sometimes feels the engine surge
– Fuel consumption is more wasteful than usual
– The insulator turns a wet yellow-brown or green color
– There is a yellow coating on the spark plug

When The Car Dies:
– The spark plug changes color
– Brownish is a sign that the spark plug is worn
– Yellow or reddish is a sign that the car is overheating
– Dark is a sign of incomplete engine combustion

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