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Some fantastic things you need to know about Oil Filter

Starting with the fluids section of the vehicle, the oil filter and fuel filter are more comprehensively designed, but essentially do the same thing. However, the oil filter is far more important to the life of your engine than the engine air filter, and has an even bigger impact on the performance of your vehicle.
Inside the engine, there are a lot of parts working together. As a result, the normal wear and tear involves little metal shavings that can build up and block the flow of components, and end up in the oil pan. When the oil is cycled back through, the metal shavings will come with it, and potentially harm the engine. Since the engine oil is there to keep the engine cool and working as effortlessly as possible, it’s important that these shavings are removed — which is the oil filter’s job.

Even though oil filters have come a long way since, it’s still important to get them changed on a regular basis. Unlike air filters, there is a general rule as to when it’s time to change an oil filter, which is every time you change your oil.
Engine oil lubricates the moving components inside the engine, helping regulate engine operating temperatures.

Car Oil Filter-
Car Toyota Oil Filter

However, with age, junk like moisture, dust, metal particles, and corrosion can cause the engine oil itself to become dirty! The oil filter helps trap contaminants as they cycle through the engine. Like most of your car’s components, this filter is subject to regular maintenance, which is why all manufacturers suggest changing it at the specific intervals. Some symptoms of a failing oil filter include an illuminated check engine light (or engine oil dash light), decreased engine oil pressure, or knocking sounds coming from the engine due to a lack of oil pressure.

It’s important to always follow your manufacturer’s guide so as to know when to change your oil filter in other to enhance performance of your vehicle.

Disadvantages of a Fake Oil Filter;

Using a fake oil filter (not just an off-brand one) can often lead to some seriously detrimental effects on your engine.
• Blocked oil filtration.
• Engine damage.
• Reduced service life.

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