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Types of Disc Brakes:

Types of Disc Brakes:
There are two types of disc brakes, named after the type of brake caliper used: Floating and Fixed.

A Floating Caliper (also called sliding) is the most common type. It has one or two pistons. When the brakes are applied, the inner brake pad is forced against the disc while, at the same time, the caliper body moves closer to the rotor. This action forces the outer brake pad against the rotor.

Floating Caliper

The Fixed Caliper Design (Also Called Opposed piston type disc brake) has one or more pistons mounted on each side of the rotor. The caliper itself doesn’t budge: It’s rigidly fastened to a brake caliper bracket or the spindle. When the brakes are applied, only the caliper pistons move, pressing the brake pads against the disc.

Fixed Caliper Design

Main Components of Floating Type Disc Brakes

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– Disk brake requires less effort (brake torque) to stop the vehicle compared to drum brakes.
– It generates less heat compared to drum brakes for the same brake torque.
– Ease of maintenance as disk brake is outside the wheel rim.
– It cools down faster.
– Fewer moving parts. …
– Longer life due to fewer moving parts and more effective heat dissipation.
– Friction pads are easily accessible for replacement or inspection.
– Easy access to the caliper for cleaning and maintenance.

– A disc brake is much more prone to noise so timely service is required.
– The rotors wrap easier than the drum brake system.
– Disc brakes are not self-energizing thus need higher clamping forces, which requires a power booster.

Cleaning Disc brakes are self-cleaning. The brake pads “wipe” the rotor off when they’re

Since a lot of heat is generated by the braking system, plenty can go wrong. The act of braking converts kinetic (moving) energy of the vehicle into thermal energy (heat), subjecting many parts to very high temperatures.
This means a lot of wear and tear even in normal conditions. Some brake components will need to be replaced over the life of a vehicle. There’s no set interval for this since it depends on your driving style, climate, and road conditions.
The solution is simply to get regular checks and replace pads, shoes, and other components
before braking is compromised or other parts get damaged.

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