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Types of Oil Pumps?

What are the different types of oil pumps?

There are two main types of oil pump in use. Both use metal gears for longevity and the ability to pump against high pressures. Rotor type pumps are the most common. Sometimes called gerotors, or trochoidal pumps . The pump has two gears – one inner gear, which is driven and one outer gear which rotates around the inner gear.
There are two primary types of oil pump used in automotive wet-sump systems:

1- The gear pump 2- The gear-rotor pump.

Most American engines designed prior to the 1990s use gear-type pumps, with two spur-type gears mounted inside an enclosed housing.
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Disadvantages or Problems of Fake/Bad Oil pump

There are many signs that your car’s oil pump may need to be replaced, and these include;

  1. an overheated engine
  2. a noisy oil pump
  3. unusual sounds from the hydraulic lifters
  4. a loud sound from the valve train
  5. reduced oil pressure
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