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Types of Spark Plugs:

Types of Spark Plugs:
As a vital part of ignition, spark plugs have an important role in producing sparks or spark on the car spark plug electrodes in the combustion chamber. Its purpose is to mix and burn air and fuel.
The sparks produced by these spark plugs come from the electric energy of a car battery. Therefore, if the spark plug has a problem, it won’t be able to produce sparks and the car will not be able to start and will break down instead.
Taking that into account, you must know the type of spark plug that matches the character of the car used. Different types of spark plugs also have different ways to use. The first step to pick a suitable spark plug for your car’s engine is by understanding its different types

The following are types of spark plugs that are currently available in the market, depending on the central electrode material:

Standard Spark Plugs:
This type of spark plug is standard commonly used and is recommended by several car manufacturers in Indonesia. The advantage of this type of spark plug is a long service life and produces a stable car stationary. Standard spark plugs are optimal for low and medium engine speeds. These spark plugs have excellent thermal conductivity and can operate efficiently for 30.000 kilometres.

Platinum Spark Plugs:
This one is often referred to as semi racing spark plugs because the tip of the electrode is taper when compared to standard spark plugs. Platinum spark plugs are not too different from standard spark plug, it’s just that these spark plugs can provide more responsive power at low engine speed but shorter service life than standard spark plugs. They are resistant to corrosion and erosion. Such plugs ensure the optimal combustion of the fuel-and-air mixture. They withstand up to 100.000 kilometres of mileage.

Iridium Spark Plugs:
Iridium Spark Plugs are racing spark plugs that run cool. The advantage of this type is that it can produce aggressive and high engine power at medium and high revolutions so that it is easier to reach top speed. This spark plug is not very suitable for daily use because it will cause the car’s stationary to be unstable. When iridium spark plugs are used in cars with standard engines and low compression, the service life of these spark plugs is very short. These plugs can serve for up to 60.000–120.000 kilometres. They help to reduce fuel consumption and the amount of harmful emissions

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