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What are the importance of Brake Pads?

Purpose of Brake Pads

Brake pads apply pressure to the rotor, which is directly connected to each wheel. This pressure creates the friction needed to slow or stop your vehicle. When the rotor slows, the wheels get slowed as well.

Types of Brake Pads:

There are four types of brake pads—Semi-metallic, Non-asbestos organic (NAO), Low-metallic NAO, and Ceramic. It’s important to know which type is best for your vehicle.

Semi-Metallic: It is the most commonly found brake pads; it consists of 30% to 65% metal. Additional material could include steel wool, wire and copper among others.
These elements are bound together by organic resin and are moulded into pre-set shapes, baked into a furnace, resulting in greater durability.

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Semi-Metallic pads are resistant to heat and far easier on rotors than their Ceramic equivalent. They are cheaper and with about 60% metal presence, it aids heavy braking over a long stretch of road or track. Indeed Semi-Metallic brake pads are perhaps best suited to high performance race cars. If you own a vehicle that does 0-60mph (96.5kmh) in a flash this is the option for you.

As with all types of pads there are downsides, in this instance it has an adverse reaction to extreme, low temperatures.

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