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What do you know about Cabin/AC Filter?

Cabin/AC Filter:

Most modern cars have two air filters; the cabin/ac filter and the engine air filter, which filter the
air coming into your vehicle’s cabin and engine, respectively. The cabin filter helps maintain the
air quality inside your car by capturing pollutants like dust and allergens before they reach your

Aside from possibly making your allergies worse, a dirty or clogged cabin filter can lead to a
host of car A/C problems like reduced airflow or foul, musty odours coming from your car’s
vents. Additionally, if you’re driving in the winter, a clogged cabin filter may make it harder to
de-fog your windows. If you notice any of these issues or are due for a cabin air filter
replacement, visit your local technicians for help freshening up your cabin filter!

cabin air filter

The rest of the filters are oriented towards the health of the vehicle, but this one is strictly for your benefit. The same
particles that are filtered out of the engine’s system are also filtered out from the cabin. This cabin or Ac filter works
similarly to the engine air filter, and catches any dust particles or pollen that are floating around in the air. In turn,
this prevents those irritating, and potentially harmful, particles from entering the cabin. The impact of these airborne
annoyances is significantly reduced inside the cab, especially for those with allergies, ultimately making the air
inside of the car much cleaner.

Just like the engine air filter, you should change your cabin air filters out once a year. Again, an exception to that is
if you frequently drive in a dusty or polluted area, in which case, you’ll want to change them more often.

Disadvantages of a Fake Cabin Filter;

Using a fake cabin filter can cause damage to your vehicle in the following way:
• Damage to the Car’s Climate Control System With a clogged cabin air filter, the lack of
airflow can be felt at the dashboard vents and will result in lacklustre defrosting and
defogging performance as well as reduced air conditioning and heating functionality

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