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What do you know about filters?

Meaning of Filters:

Every car has four main filters: the cabin filter, oil filter, fuel filter and air filter. The function of
all these filters is to enable flows and catch impurities, the dust and contaminants in the air, the
impurities in the fuel or the dirt in the motor oil. By replacing your filters, your car will be more

different types of filters

Driving your car through the quiet countryside or challenging it against the bustle of Nigerian roads, car filters are important to your car and crucial components that shouldn’t be neglected. Driving kicks up irritating and potentially dangerous airborne particles. These can harm the occupants of the vehicle and also the engine itself. As far as liquids go, there are impurities in the oil that can (over time) cause harm to the engine’s system, and the organic materials in fuel can also be harmful.

The task of keeping everything running clean is the job of these four filters, engine air filter, cabin air filter, oil filter, and fuel filter. Together, these work to protect important parts of the vehicle, and you, from harm. Because of this, forgetting to change them out or neglecting them can cause serious damage.

While all of these filters are pretty self-explanatory, it’s still important to have a good grasp of
how they work and what they do, starting with the oil filter.

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