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What is a Link(age) Stabilizer?

A link stabilizer, also known as a sway bar, anti-roll bar, or even stabilizer linkage, connects the vehicle’s left and right wheels through short links, reducing body roll while cornering, and absorbing shocks from potholes and uneven road surfaces.  Check out the Best Car parts in Lagos here.

How Long do Stabilizer bar links last and their functionality?

The stabilizer bar on vehicles is designed to provide stiffness and rigidity for the body, particularly when going around curves. This helps to keep all four wheels firmly on the ground and reduces body torque, which could lead to rollovers or a loss of control. It plays a role in both vehicle suspension, as well as handling, and comfort while on the road.

The stabilizer bar is attached to the suspension using bushings and links. Bushings are little more than formed pieces of rubber,

but stabilizer bar links are metal. There are two, one on each end of the stabilizer bar. The upper end of the link attaches to the stabilizer bar, cushioned by a bushing, and the other end attaches to the suspension components, also with a bushing. 

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The links are made from metal and should last for a long time. However, because the stabilizer bar rotates each time the vehicle goes through a turn, the links are put under a great deal of stress (as are the bushings). Over time, metal fatigue will set in and they will weaken. Also, the possibility of rust and corrosion, can affect it and thus need to be replaced occasionally. 

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