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What is Shock Absorber?

Guide to Shock Absorber:

Thinking of how automobile vehicles gain balance and control when driving on rough ground, it’s possible you first think of its shock absorber. Shock absorbers are used in various applications in our daily life not just in automobiles. However, in vehicles, it reduces the effect of traveling over rough ground, its improved quality ride, and better vehicle handling.

Taking good care of shock absorbers is the key to achieving maximum comfort inside a car.
Most modern car owners usually feel very comfortable with their car. Their car may drive smoothly on various kinds of road surfaces leaving the passengers to feel pretty comfortable. But do they realize that they may lose such comfort if they don’t take care of the shock absorbers? This is exactly why car owners are supposed to know the odds and ends of their shock absorbers.

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What are Shock Absorbers?

A shock absorber is a part that absorbs the vibration of a car. You’ve probably heard the word “suspension”, but the suspension is a combination of the springs and shock absorbers. Springs are enough to relieve shocks such as unevenness of the road surface, but with springs alone, the car will feel “fluffy”. Without shock absorbers, the vertical movement of the spring would not stop quickly. It is the shock absorbers that instantly stop the vertical movement of that spring. Therefore, the ride comfort of the car depends on the state of the shock absorbers.

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