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Shock absorbers used in cars are very important for active safety, that is, the prevention of accidents. They are responsible for stabilizing the car while driving and ensuring constant pressure on the road. It is thanks to efficient shock absorbers that the car remains stable when driving over a transverse bump, and the wheel does not jump when hitting a pothole.

It’s also important to maintain constant contact between the wheels and the road, as the tyres are the only points of contact between the car and the road. So, if one of the wheels were to detach from the tarmac or start bouncing on it, the car would lose a quarter of its contact patch. If this happened in a bend, you could lose control of the vehicle. Add to this the fact that poorly cushioned unsprung masses produce large vibrations that are clearly felt in the passenger compartment.

An equally dangerous phenomenon is how a worn out car suspension behaves after a skid. A car with good shock absorbers remains stiff and can be pulled out of a skid. There is a reason why cars used for drifting have lowered and hardened suspension. So how will a car with heavily worn shocks behave? Unfortunately, such a vehicle has a distinct tendency to roll. Unconstrained by shock absorbers, the suspension springs act like a catapult, resulting in the car rolling. A similar phenomenon can occur after a dynamic change of direction.


If you have mechanical skills, you can undertake the shock absorber replacement yourself. We recommend, however, a visit to the garage, because during the work additional problems may also come to light in the form of seized or corroded screws. A qualified mechanic will also check the condition of the other suspension components and prevent further problems. It is important that a good car service uses high-quality tools that do not damage the mounting bolts and that’s why we recommend that you only use quality car parts when replacing your worn out parts and we recommend PRT SHOCK ABSORBERS.

A particularly dangerous moment when replacing shock absorbers is extracting the worn parts from the suspension springs. This requires the use of spring clamps, and improper handling of the tools risks shooting out the springs and locking nuts. An additional argument encouraging to have the shock absorbers replaced by the service is the fact that after such a procedure it is always necessary to correct the suspension geometry.


PRT Shocks and Struts are uniquely designed for smooth performance, durability and driving stability in all weather conditions. Each shock and strut is nitrogen charged to eliminate aeration which improves driving and handling performance. PRT’s Twin Tube Design includes nitrogen gas charging to keep the shock and strut cooler and to extend its service life. A sturdy aluminum alloy piston and high-quality oil seal add to the overall durability


PRT has always focused on offering consistent value to its customers. It does that by adopting and pioneering the most innovative technologies in the industry and applying them to research and development, training, testing and manufacturing.

Longer Lasting – PRT shock absorbers are made from high-quality materials that are built to last. They are designed to withstand extreme temperatures, wear and tear, and other harsh conditions. This means you can enjoy a more comfortable and safer driving experience for longer.

Improved Handling – PRT shock absorbers are designed to provide better handling, especially on uneven terrain. They reduce the impact of bumps and road imperfections, allowing for smoother and more stable handling. This can improve your vehicle’s overall performance and make it easier to drive

Increased Safety – Shock absorbers play an important role in vehicle safety, as they help to maintain traction and stability on the road. By reducing the impact of bumps and road imperfections, PRT shock absorbers can improve your vehicle’s handling and responsiveness, making it safer to drive.

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